Fee Exchange Webmoney Legal Representation in Iran

(Merchant Passport)

Webmoney Sign Up Training

To buy and sell Webmoney, each person must register on the Webmoney website and verify their Webmoney account with their Iranian passport. Follow the registration steps from the following links:

Fee exchange Sign up Training


Click login/registration button in right corner above any pages of website in menu bar or click on the link box below

login page

If you have already registered, for login to your account, enter your email address, password and security code and click on the blue login button, Otherwise, to register, at the bottom of the page, click on the box shown with the arrow in the image or click below botton

registration page

On the registration page, after entering your name, email, mobile number, password and duplicate and security code, you must check the rules and regulations through the red link, check it. Finally, click the blue membership button.

registration page

After registration, you will enter your user panel, which according to the image, the updated price of "buy and sell" of webmoney in Tomans is specified in the middle of the page.


Without authentication, it is not possible to buy and sell Sessess. So, from the menu on the right / Profile / Authentication. Follow the steps to register identity documents, mobile, landline, email and bank accounts.


Your authentication process is done automatically and after a maximum of one day (24 hours) is confirmed by our exchange support team, now you can buying and selling webmoney through the menu on the right, from the Webmoney section.All webmoney currency transfers are made directly from the webmoney gateway.

Login / Register